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Stat11 Inc.

Insurance-Property Claim Service



President & CEO, STAT11 INC.
Dates From 2017 – Present
Offering property loss adjusting services and alternative dispute resolution services in accordance
with s. 128 of the Insurance Act of Ontario as an appraiser or Umpire

Insurance Adjuster, National Fire Adjustment Co., Inc.
Dates From March 2015 – December 2017
Primarily adjusted high-end residential, commercial and
industrial property claims throughout Ontario. 


If you are visiting this site, it will usually be because you or someone you know needs help understanding the insurance claim process as it relates to property loss claims or the dispute resolution process referenced as “Appraisal” in accordance with s. 128 of the Insurance Act of Ontario or a similar such Act in another Province.
Do you require an adjuster to represent “you”, not your insurer?
Do you require an Appraiser to represent “you”? Has your insurer rejected your Proof Of Loss (POL)? Are you considering the Appraisal process OR has your insurer demanded the amount of loss be determined by Appraisal? (see Appraiser tab)
Have you been appointed as an Appraiser for either the insurer or insured and in search of an Umpire who fits the knowledge and experience you are looking for? (See Umpire tab)
Stat11 Inc. is a licensed insurance adjuster (for insureds) for losses under All Classes of General Insurance. Stat11 Inc is located in Pickering, Ontario, just east of the City of Toronto, serving the Province of Ontario.
Stat11 Inc., offers property loss insurance adjustment services, primarily for substantial claims or losses of a commercial, condominium, industrial or residential nature.
Through Stat11 Inc., George R. Milnes also offers alternative dispute resolution services in accordance with Section 128 of the Insurance Act of Ontario, as an appraiser for the insured or as an umpire.
George retired from an international adjusting firm representing insureds in late 2017, his intent to limit the number of active files to only a few at any one time. Working from his home-based office he can offer his experience and knowledge at a competitive hourly rate or contingency.
George has been appointed as an appraiser numerous times by insureds over the years, once by the courts.
Regardless of what you may have heard or seen in advertisements by insurers, an insurance policy is a financial instrument. The onus is on the insured to mitigate the loss and present their claim for the insurer’s consideration subject to policy conditions. This is where your own adjuster can help.
While the claim or loss is being quantified Stat11 Inc. will seek advance or interim indemnity payments be made to help finance immediate obligations mitigating the claim or loss and help insureds unexpected financial loss. Additional Living Expenses or loss of rental income immediately come to mind!
Stat11 Inc. will help insureds quantify their claim or loss and will assist them preparing a Proof Of Loss (POL).
Within sixty (60) days of receiving a Proof Of Loss (POL), the insurer must consider the POL submission. Pay the amount claimed, make an offer or reject it. In most cases, if rejected, it will be due to a disagreement as to the scope of loss and amount claimed.

Statutory Conditions of property insurance policies in Ontario outlines requirements for submitting property loss claims. Note!
There shall be no right to an appraisal until a specific demand is made in writing and until after a proof of loss has been delivered.
When a proof of loss is unacceptable to the insurer they may demand the amount of loss be determined by the appraisal process. Alternatively, if they make an offer that is unacceptable to the insured, the insured may demand appraisal.
Statutory Condition 6 reads in part … (1) Upon the occurrence of any loss or damage to the insured property, the insured shall, if the loss or damage is covered by the contract, in addition to observing the requirements of conditions 9, 10 and 11, forthwith ………… (b) deliver as soon as practicable to the insurer a proof of loss verified by statutory declaration …….. (see Act)
Statutory Condition 11 reads in part …. In the event of disagreement as to the value of the property insured, the property saved OR THE AMOUNT OF LOSS; those questions shall be determined by appraisal as provided under the Insurance Act …. (see Act)
Once the demand for appraisal has been made, section 128 of the Insurance Act outlines the procedure for determining the amount of loss, section 143 outlining types of losses excluded. The process becomes binding and cannot be withdrawn by the party making the demand.
Note, licensed adjuster fees are HST exempt under the Excise Tax Act.
If Stat11 Inc. cannot immediately address your need for representation as an adjuster OR if George is unable to address your immediate need for either an appraiser or umpire, we belong to a referral network that may help.
Please review various headings. If you wish to speak with George to discuss any of our services, you may reach him at 1-800-214-1348 x701.


To act as an adjuster for an insured or an appraiser/ umpire in the alternative dispute resolution process for property loss claims under s. 128 of Ontario Insurance Act.


Phone: 1-800-214-1348
Mailing Address: 4-1550 Kingston Rd., Suite 1412, Pickering, ON L1V 6W9
LinkedIn: George R. Milnes


Matching scope of loss to insured peril and policy coverages.