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If you are visiting this site, it will usually be because you or someone you know needs help understanding the insurance claim process as it relates to property loss claims or the dispute resolution process referenced as “Appraisal” in accordance with s. 128 of the Insurance Act of Ontario or a similar such Act in another Province.
There are three classes of adjusters:
Insurance company personnel may call themselves Staff Adjusters or Claim Representatives. They are governed by the insurer’s license for whom they are a salaried employee "see 1. (e) below," but they do not have to meet any educational or Provincial licensing requirements in Ontario.
Independent Adjusters are licensed corporately as are the individual adjusters employed by them. Various insurers may retain the corporation, but they and their employees can only represent insurers, NEVER insureds.
Adjuster for insureds (commonly referred to as Public Adjusters) are licensed corporately as are the individual adjusters employed by them. They and their employees can only represent insureds, NEVER insurers.
Stat11 Inc. is a licensed corporation, George R. Milnes licensed as an individual through Stat11 Inc.
The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) is a regulatory agency of the Ministry of Finance that regulates insurance, mortgage brokering, loan and trust companies, credit unions, caisses populaires, co-operative corporations and pension plans in Ontario.
FSCO issues licenses to corporations and individuals employed by licensed corporations to act as an insurance adjuster on behalf of an insurer OR an insured but NOT BOTH.
Definition: Insurance Act – Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1990 Chapter 1.8
1 In this Act, except where inconsistent with the definition sections of any Part,
“adjuster” means a person who,
(a) on behalf of an insurer or an insured, for compensation, directly or indirectly solicits the right to negotiate the settlement of or investigate a loss or claim under a contract or a fidelity, surety or guaranty bond issued by an insurer, or investigates, adjusts or settles any such loss or claim, or
(b) holds himself, herself or itself out as an adjuster, investigator, consultant or adviser with respect to the settlement of such losses or claims,
but does not include,
(c) a barrister or solicitor acting in the usual course of the practice of law,
(d) a trustee or agent of the property insured,
(e) a salaried employee of a licensed insurer while acting on behalf of such insurer in the adjustment of losses,
(f) a person who is employed as an appraiser, engineer or other experts solely for the purpose of giving expert advice or evidence, or
(g) a person who acts as an adjuster of marine losses only; (“expert d’assurance”)

Licensed Insurance Adjusters for insurers or insured may charge an hourly rate plus disbursements. They may also charge a flat rate or in the case of adjusters for the insured be retained on contingency, charging a percentage of indemnity payments made to or on behalf of an insured.
Note, licensed adjuster fees are HST exempt under the Excise Tax Act.
if George is unable to address your immediate for representation as an adjuster, we belong to a referral network that may help.
If you wish to speak with George to discuss any of our services, you may reach him at 1-800-214-1348 


To act as an adjuster for an insured or an appraiser/ umpire in the alternative dispute resolution process for property loss claims under s. 128 of Ontario Insurance Act.


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Matching scope of loss to insured peril and policy coverages.